Featherstone Studios | Great Voice & Great Abs in 90 seconds
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Great Voice & Great Abs in 90 seconds

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Great Voice & Great Abs in 90 seconds

Do you want good abs and a good voice all at the same time? Try this 90 second breathing workout everyday!

The first exercise helps you to find your diaphragm (The big muscle under your rib cage that helps you breath). The second exercise helps strengthen your core muscles, as well as teaching you to control your breathing. Do this every day (Trust me it takes no longer than 2 minutes!)

1st Move:

  • Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart with your hands on your abdomen
  • Let all of your breath out
  • Bend over at the hips & breathe in
  • Repeat x3

You should feel your stomach push against your hands/hips, if you look you can even see it move out. (Think of a balloon inflating inside your rib cage)

2nd Move:

  • Lie flat on your back on a yoga mat/the floor
  • Keep your heels pressed together and your hands by your side
  • Breathing in, slowly lift your legs up to a 45 degree angle
  • Hold for four seconds
  • Breathing out, slowly bring your legs down to the ground (Keep your legs together and straight, toes pointed!)
  • Repeat x10

You should feel your upper and lower abs working hard during this. Remember the important thing is to breathe! oh! And try it to this song:

Happy Breathing!

Much Musical Love,
Cheri Channer – Featherstone Studios


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