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Chord Breakdown

Chord Breakdown


Chords. Chords are great! I love chords! But I think a lot of people don’t know where to start with them. It can be tricky to know what notes to play in each chord so here’s a quick run down of some popular ones.

A major – A C# E

B major – B D# F#

C major – C E G

D major – D F# A

E major – E G# B

F major – F A C

G major – G B D

A common question I get is “How do I turn a Major Chord into a Minor Chord?” Super easy! All you have to do is take the major chord, and flatten (Bring DOWN half a step) the middle note. It’ll make the sound go from “Happy” to “Sad”. For example: C Major, you’re playing C, E and G right? To make it C Minor, you bring the E down half a step to E flat (flattening the middle note). Now all of a sudden you’re playing C, Eb, G = C minor! This will work for pretty much every chord all the time.

A minor – A C E

B minor – B D F#

C minor – C Eb G

D minor – D F A

E minor – E G B

F minor – F Ab C

G minor – G Bb D
Good luck! And if you want to understand more about chords and how to figure out what notes you’re supposed to be playing without looking at this little cheat sheet, ask in your lessons about the Circle of Fifths! And if you’re super independent and want to figure it out on your own, you can check out my blog post coming soon!

Love love love,!


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