Featherstone Studios | MUSIC IS UNIVERSAL
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Nothing beats travelling! I always love the excitement of booking our flights, packing our suitcases, freaking out the night before because my suitcase is too heavy…repacking my suitcase three more times and heading out the door for a big adventure. I love the smell of airports and the busy buzz of people who are going somewhere, anywhere! Over the last few years I’ve travelled thr10955678_1619667391585125_8518099307213783662_ooughout different continents and in all of them the thing that stood out the most was how different each place was to my home town. The languages, the smells, the people, everything is different. Except Music.

Sure, the instruments might be a little different, and they might sing in a different language, but the
one thing that never changed was the way people appreciated and experienced music. Music brings joy, laughter and dancing no matter what language you speak or how spicey your food is. Music is the universal language that communicates happiness, frustration, heartbreak and excitement. It’s a way to tell everybody your political opinions, what you did on Friday night, which boyfriend just broke up with you and your ideas on how to fix the world. Music brings us all together.


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