Featherstone Studios | PRACTICE IS FOR LOSERS…
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I bet that title got your attention! Don’t worry, it wasn’t just a ploy to get you to read this. Practice IS for losers. If you’re anything like me, playing or singing 20 different scales repetitively makes you do one of those little vomits in your mouth that you awkwardly have to swallow again (sorry…too graphic?).


To improve, you have to change your mentality from “practice” to “experience”. Think of it as time that you’re investing into your craft, to learn something new, to discover a new level of creativity, or if you’re really feeling unmotivated, a way to get out of homework and still keep your mother happy.


So, here are a few quick tips to help you get more out of your “practice” and take it from a chore to a live wire passion!


  • Make your music space creative! Decorate it in your own way with lots of creative stimulus. Make it a place you love being in
  • Start and end with something fun. Pick your favourite song and just have a play or a sing. Don’t worry about technique just yet, just get it out.
  • Break it up into segments. It’s hard for your brain to focus on everything at the same time. Don’t just sing your song a few times while trying to focus on breathing, tone, mouth placement, pitch, words and posture all at the same time (it’s stressful just thinking about all that!). Instead, pick a segment and focus on one area, eg. Breathing. Then try a different technique and segment.
  • If you come across a trouble spot, don’t just breeze over it (denial is great but it’s a terrible life partner). Stop. And go over that part a few times and iron out the kink.
  • Have something creative in there – fuel your passion! Write a bit more of that song that’s half finished, improvise, or find a new artist. Do FUN stuff! Music is meant to be creative, not a chore.

Don’t think of it as “practice”… But instead build your experience, just a little bit every day.

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