Featherstone Studios | 4 BIG tips for a healthier voice (and body!)
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4 BIG tips for a healthier voice (and body!)

4 BIG tips for a healthier voice (and body!)

Vocal health is so important and so easy! I’m going to go out on a limb and say if you have a sore throat you probably don’t have nodes (pitch perfect was great, but talk about fear mongering!). Here’s a few simple tips to keep your voice (and your body!) healthy & happy.


  • Drink Water! Water helps hydrate your vocal folds, for a clear and pure tone. Water at room temperature is the best thing before you sing. Water helps your body in a variety of ways, including fighting sickness and giving you vital energy.
  • Always warm up before singing. Simple humming or a few quick, quiet scales go a long way and you lower the risk of straining your voice.
  • Lemon or pineapple juice (anything acidic) is great to drink before you sing. It helps clear you out! Also try these quick & easy tips:
    • 2 lemon wedges in your water bottle every day or:
    • 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in your water bottle every day (enjoyment not guaranteed)

Drinking lemon water has multiple health benefits. It helps your immune and digestive system, and ladies, that skin be lookin’ clear if you get on this!

  • Try to avoid screaming and loud talking before you sing. These actions make your vocal folds bash together, and can lead to rubbing or wearing. But remember, Taylor Swift concerts are a perfectly legitimate excuse to scream wildly and there will be no judgement from here.



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